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Global Vision 2020

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A Vision for the Future of the Kikkoman Group
– Making Kikkoman Soy Sauce a Truly Global Seasoning –

To coincide with its 50th anniversary in the U.S. market, Kikkoman Corporation has adopted “Global Vision 2020” as its vision for the future of the Kikkoman Group and the basic strategy for reaching those goals by year 2020.

Vision for the Future

With Global Vision 2020, the Kikkoman Group sets the following three qualitative goals:
  1. (1) Make Kikkoman Soy Sauce a truly global seasoning
  2. (2) Become a company that supports healthy lifestyles through food
  3. (3) Become a company whose existence is meaningful to the global society

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy for realizing our vision for the future is comprised of the following five elements:

  • Global Soy Sauce Strategy  Spread throughout the world Kikkoman's highly profitable overseas soy sauce business model
  • Global Strategy for Oriental Food Wholesale  Strengthen Kikkoman's oriental food wholesale and distribution system, taking advantage of the Japanese-food boom overseas
  • Del Monte Business Strategy  Strengthen Kikkoman's Del Monte business in Japan as well as in Asia* and the Oceania region *excluding the Philippines
  • Soy Milk Business Strategy  Build the soy milk business into a new driver of growth
  • Health-Related Business Strategy  Expand Kikkoman's health-related business through various ways including M&As