Photo: Unagi Eel and Egg over Rice

Broiled eel in a layer of fluffy eggs

Cooking time
10 minutes
  • Nutrition information is for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

1 skewer


1/6 bunch

280 g (10 oz.)


2 Tbsp

1 Tbsp

1/2 Tbsp


  1. Wrap the grilled eel in aluminum foil and heat in an oven toaster for 2 minutes. Remove the skewer while turning it, and cut the eel into 2-3 cm (approx. 1 in.) squares.
  2. Cut the trefoil into 2 cm (approx. 3/4 in.) lengths.
  3. Put (A) in a small pan, adjust the flavor with salt and sugar (each optional), and simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Heat the eel (1) in (3), pour in beaten eggs, and sprinkle on trefoil (2).
  5. Put rice in bowls, and place (4) on top.