Medium-term Environmental Policy

The core position supporting the Medium-term Environmental Policy
“Healthy and rich natural environment allows Kikkoman to realize its corporate slogan.”

In order to realize the Kikkoman corporate slogan, “seasoning your life,” which suggests that, as Kikkoman seasons and enriches your food, it also brings fulfillment to life as a whole, the natural environment, where raw materials for the Kikkoman Group’s products grow as natural blessing, should be healthy and rich enough to fully exhibit its capacity.


The Kikkoman Group preserves the “natural environment for food.”

Since healthy and rich nature is the base that enable the Kikkoman Group to realize happy food culture around the world, “preserving natural environment for food” is the Group’s core position of its environmental preservation activities.


Practical activities to “preserve the natural environment for food”

The Kikkoman Group has set three concrete goals for its practical activities as follows:


To realize a low-carbon society to protect the food environment against global warming.


To realize a recycle-based society to effectively use food resources.


To realize a symbiotic society to preserve the sources of the food environment.

Goal Objective
Low Carbon Society

To reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing.

Recycling Based Society

To reduce waste from products and work in progress.
To reduce waste in general.
To reduce environmental load in containers and packaging.

Symbiotic Society

To enhance environmental assessment in raw material procurement.
To preserve water environment.
To reduce water consumption.

Environmental Management Activity

To cooperate with local communities.
To respond against environmental risks.
To keep improving the environmental management system.