In Japanese, squid is called "ika". Japanese common squid or flying squid (surume-ika in Japanese) are in season from spring through to late autumn. Japanese spear squid (yari-ika) are in season from winter to early summer. The small-size firefly squid (hotaru-ika) are in season during the spring.


Squid are low in calories and contain both protein and fat. They also contain the healthful fatty acids EPA, DHA and amino acid taurine.

Connoisseur selection / storage

Fresh squid have vivid reddish-brown torsos that are hard and plump and suction cups that will still attach. Peel off the skin and remove the innards, store in a refrigerator and use up quickly. Squid can be stored frozen as well.

Cooking Tips

Fresh squid are recommended for eating raw (sashimi-style) and in dressed dishes such as salads. This seafood is also suited for use in simmered, deep-fried and steamed dishes as well as pasta and more.

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