About “My Recipes”

Please use the same device / browser

  • “My Recipes” uses local storage in browsers (Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Safari, etc.)
  • Added recipes are stored in the browser of the device (smartphone, computer, etc.) used. As such, added recipes can only be viewed on the browser / device used when added.
  • If the local storage in the browser of the device used when adding recipes is cleared, added recipes will also be cleared.

Viewing Recipes

  • Up to 50 recipes can be added and stored in the “Add to My Recipes” tab. Once this limit is reached, the message “A maximum of 50 recipes can be added to My Recipes” will show and no more recipes can be added.
  • To delete added recipes, access ”My Recipes” and click on the “X” in the top right corner of each recipe image or view added recipes and click on “Added to My Recipes”.
  • The 20 most recently viewed recipes will be shown in the “Recently Viewed” tab. After the 21st recipe, recipes will disappear starting from the least recently viewed.
  • “Recommended Recipes” introduces popular Cookbook recipes. These are updated periodically.