Meat-Stuffed Chicken Wings

Cooking time
25 minutes
0.7 g
  • * Calories and sodium are for one serving.
  • * Recipe amounts have been modified for easier preparation.

Ingredients (2 servings)

  1. chicken wings6
  2. lettuceas desired
  3. lemonas desired


  1. Kikkoman Soy Sauce2 tsp
  2. sesame oil2 tsp
  3. oyster sauce1 tsp


  1. ground chicken100 g (3-1/2 oz.)
  2. peeled shrimp (coarsely chopped)50 g (1-3/4 oz.)
  3. dried shiitake mushroom (reconstituted and coarsely chopped)1
  4. Kikkoman Soy Sauce1 tsp
  5. sesame oila dash

Recipe by HISAKO, Food Stylist



  1. Bend the wings against the joints to break them, then place cuts into the space between the bones to take them out.
  2. Place (1) in a plastic cooking bag, then add (A) and massage into the meat.

Stuff chicken wings with stuffing

  1. Combine the ingredients of (B) in a bowl, then use a spoon to stuff evenly into the chicken wings (2), peeling back the skin.


  1. Bake in an oven for 5 minutes at 170 C (340 F). Serve garnished with lettuce and lemon slices.