Kikkoman Soymilk Tastiest in U.S.

This April, the San Francisco Chronicle named Kikkoman’s Pearl Creamy Vanilla Soymilk the “top vanilla soy milk.” Four well-known culinary experts and chefs carried out blind taste tests of 17 varieties of vanilla soy milk currently on the market. The judges reported that Kikkoman’s vanilla soy milk is “silky and slightly sweet” and “nice and refreshing [with] good vanilla and sugar levels.”

Kikkoman International Inc. fully introduced its soy milk products in January 2003. The Kikkoman Pearl Soymilk line is currently available in three varieties that have received organic accreditation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture: plain soy milk “Original,” ”Green Tea,” and “Creamy Vanilla.” Another flavor, “Tropical Delight,” includes seven types of fruit and vegetables.

Demand for soy milk has been soaring in recent years in the U.S., thanks to the popularity of natural and organic food products, coupled with the Food and Drug Administration’s report that protein found in soybeans is effective in preventing heart disease.