Kikkoman Institute Holds Food Culture Seminar

On January 21, 2004, the Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture held its annual Food Culture Seminar at Kikkoman Corporation’s Noda Head Office. At the seminar, Theodore C. Bestor, professor of anthropology at Harvard University, spoke on the subject of “Tsukiji Fish Market from a Foreigner’s Viewpoint.”

In his talk, Professor Bestor told of his impressions when he first went to Tsukiji Fish Market: how surprised he was at the variety of fish available, and that there were many kinds of fish he had never seen before. The talk also encompassed the history and culture of the fish market as well as the lives of its workers, and examined the role of sushi in the global marketplace. Professor Bestor’s lecture, delivered in fluent Japanese and sprinkled with humor, was very inspiring and ensured that the topic captivated the audience of 230.

Professor Bestor was one of the speakers at the N.Y. Food Forum Event 2002, held at the Japan Society and co-sponsored by Kikkoman Corporation and the Japan Society. That year’s topic was “The Japanese Way with Fish & Sea Foods.”