Grand Festival Held at Kotohira Shrine

On November 10, a special taisai, or grand festival, was held at Kotohira Shrine in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture. This festival is held every twelve years in the Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese zodiac. The taisai gives thanks for the prosperity of the community and Kikkoman Corporation, and is a pledge to continue to work hard in the following twelve years, until the next Year of the Monkey. The ceremony was held at the shrine following a large street procession.

On the eve of the festival, November 9, many from the community enjoyed taking part in numerous events held at a special site at Kikkoman’s Noda Head Office, including a cooking competition and a performance of Japanese taiko drums.

Kotohira Shrine was inaugurated 190 years ago by the successor of Kikkoman’s founder, in hopes of bringing greater prosperity to Kikkoman and the people of Noda. Since that time, once every twelve years this unique taisai has allowed the community and the company to celebrate their good fortune together, while promising to work diligently towards the next Year of the Monkey.