Japanese Cuisine Seminars Held in Moscow

Japanese cuisine has been enjoying great popularity in Moscow these days, with sushi in particular proving quite popular. Over 200 Japanese restaurants are now thriving in the Russian capital.

Last December 9-11, Kikkoman Trading Europe GmbH (KTE) held seminars there on sushi and Japanese cuisine to educate both restaurant professionals and consumers. Guest speakers included Kiyoshi Hayamizu, former master chef of Daitokai, a renowned German restaurant specializing in Japanese teppan-yaki. Teppan-yaki cuisine involves various grilled meats and vegetables prepared by the chef directly in front of diners.

KTE held three Moscow seminars: two for restaurant professionals and one which was open to the public. A wide variety of subjects were presented in all the seminars, including the differences between Kikkoman Soy Sauce and that of other manufacturers; correct methods of preparing rice; and unique features of Japanese cooking utensils. Various types of sushi including rolls, hand-shaped sushi and ball-shaped sushi were introduced in the restaurant seminars, while consumers were invited to prepare their own.

These seminars were so well received that KTE plans to host similar events in order to promote Japanese cuisine—and Kikkoman Soy Sauce—throughout all of Russia.