SDM Trat Plant Stone-Laying Ceremony

A stone-laying ceremony was held on February 28 at the planned construction site of the Trat plant of Siam Del Monte Company Ltd.
(SDM), a manufacturing subsidiary of Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd (DMA) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kikkoman Corporation.* At the purifying ceremony, nine Buddhist priests prayed for safety during construction, the proper completion of the building and future prosperity.

The ceremony was attended by more than 30 people, including representatives from DMA, SDM investors Samroiyod Corporation Ltd., River Kwai International Food Industry Co., Ltd., and Yoshiyuki Nogi, corporate officer and general manager of Kikkoman Corporation’s Foreign Operations Department. The ceremony opened with the recital of Buddhist sutras, and Andrew L. Cushman, CEO of DMA, laid a stone plaque that will provide a record of the event.

The SDM Trat plant will utilize the new-generation container Tetra Recart to package Del Monte-brand corn, fruit and tomato products.

*Kikkoman holds the rights to the use of trademark to the Del Monte brand and the sale of its products in Asia-Pacific region except for the Philippines.