Kikkoman PR Event in the Netherlands

This April 6-7, Kikkoman Trading Europe GmbH (KTE) held a PR event in the Netherlands, intended to deepen understanding and promote media coverage of Kikkoman products to European consumers. Journalists from throughout Europe were invited to the Kikkoman plant at Hoogezand Sappemeer to attend this media event, the third such occasion held by KTE. This year’s event was the largest yet, drawing 35 journalists from twelve countries, including the U.K. and the Russian Federation.

A plant tour was followed by a Q&A session; journalists were then invited to taste Kikkoman Soy Sauce and compare it to other soy sauce brands. Apparently this was the first time for many to compare several brands of soy sauce at the same time, and all were impressed with the differences in color, aroma and taste. As part of the event, a sushi lecture and workshop was held.