YFU Kikkoman Summer Activity

As part of its social contribution activities, Kikkoman has sponsored international exchanges run by Youth For Understanding (YFU) since 1978. In 1998, Kikkoman began to support a project in which 23 American high school students spend nearly six weeks of their summer vacation with Japanese families and four Japanese high school students stay in the U.S. for one year.

This year’s YFU participants from the U.S. came to Japan on June 19 and spent summer vacation with their Japanese host families until August 2. A YFU Kikkoman Summer Activity took place on July 20 for the American visitors and Japanese high school students, including those who took part in the exchange in 2005. Everyone toured the Noda Plant of Kikkoman Corporation and took part in a welcoming reception. Kikkoman hopes that these students will facilitate exchange between Japan and the U.S.