Kikkoman Group 2006 Corporate Citizenship Report

For the first time, Kikkoman Corporation has issued a Kikkoman Group’s Corporate Citizenship Report for 2006, based on activities concerning corporate social responsibility. Previously, Kikkoman had published its Kikkoman Group Annual Environmental Report. In addition to environmental works, the new report includes social responsibility activities, and features the following main points.

These include two features about “food,” including shokuiku, food education, and quality assurance activities; and an introduction to the Group’s management system for promoting corporate social responsibilities. These are followed by an update on current and future initiatives regarding social responsibility and actions.

The report concludes with information about responsibilities and actions on environmental conservation, which is an environmental accounting based on the Environmental Accounting Guidelines published by the Ministry of the Environment, in addition to goals concerning prevention of global warming, recycling of waste materials and by-products, as well as a progress report of fiscal 2005.

The entire report, in Japanese, and detailed data on environmental accounting will be available on our website. An English version of the report will be available at the end of September at the following URL: