Stir-Fried Beef Salad

Accented with the mellow tartness of mustard

Cooking time
15 minutes
  • Nutrition information is for one serving.

Ingredients(Servings: 2)

100 g (3-1/2 oz.)

1 slice

1/4 bulb

1 pack

1 Tbsp

1 tsp


1 Tbsp

1 Tbsp


  1. Cut the beef and bacon into easy-to-eat pieces.
  2. Very thinly slice the onion, then add to cold water with small amount of salt and sugar (amounts not included in ingredients) for 2 to 3 minutes and pat dry.
    Wash the leaf lettuce and fully drain.
    Place in a dish with the onions.
  3. Heat of the olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat, and lightly saute the bacon (1).
    Increase to medium-high heat and stir-fry the beef.
    Coat the bacon and beef with (A).
  4. Once the color of the beef has changed, remove from heat and mix with the mustard.
    Place the meat on (2) and serve.