Kikkoman's Promise

Kikkoman’s Promise

For the Kikkoman brand to take firm root in the minds of our customers, we ourselves must have a shared idea of exactly what underlies it. This underlying essence is given explicit form by Kikkoman’s Promise.

・To provide high-quality products and services with integrity by continuously improving on our
 long tradition of techniques and know-how.

・To propose a well-balanced and nutritious diet that brings out the flavor of ingredients and bring
 happiness to the world everyday by helping to support a healthy mind and body.

・To create exciting new flavor experiences by fusing food cultures from around the world and to
 propose a rich and varied food-lifestyle that matches the times.

Fulfilling Kikkoman’s Promise

Everyone at Kikkoman, whether involved in manufacturing, research and development, distribution, or handling inquiries from our customers, plays a key role in our efforts to fill the world with the joys of food.
Each of us is dedicated to fulfilling our responsibilities with sincerity, care, and creativity. And each of us will make good on Kikkoman’s Promise by putting its tenets into practice in our work.