Kikkoman 50th Anniversary Soy Sauce Dispenser

As part of a series of events celebrating Kikkoman's 50th anniversary upon entering the U.S. market, Kikkoman has introduced a special 50th anniversary soy sauce dispenser for tabletop use. The commemorative dispenser went on sale in April this year, in both Japan and the U.S.

Soy Sauce DispenserSoy Sauce DispenserKikkoman's classic tabletop dispenser was originally designed by Kenji Ekuan, a leading Japanese industrial designer, and was introduced to the market in 1961. The distinctive dispenser has since won global renown, and has become synonymous with Kikkoman soy sauce. In 1993, the dispenser received Japan’s Good Design Award, an honor given to products of outstanding design. The original dispenser is well-known for its red cap, but the commemorative version is distinguished by its special gold cap and “50th Anniversary” labeling.