Kikona’s Kitchen

Kikona is Kikkoman’s official brand mascot.

Who is Kikona?

Kikona loves to see people enjoying delicious food and appears at dinner tables throughout the world.
At the very moment you feel cheered by a meal, Kikona is by your side.

Kikona’s profile

On everyone’s dinner table
13.3cm (the same height as Kikkoman’s tabletop dispenser)
Favorite things
Delicious memories and precious moments
Special skills
Singing and dancing
Favorite foods
Favorite color

Kikona Sushi Roll

Kikona’s Seasonal Bento Decoration

I love bentos (lunch boxes) that are colorfully packed full of a main meal, side dishes and vegetables!
Let me introduce the Japanese technique of seasonal bento for the enjoyment of in season ingredients year-round.

Spring Bento(Lunch Box)
Spring Bento(Lunch Box)
Here I used the pink ingredients of Japanese kamaboko (steamed fish cake) and tarako (salted pollack/cod roe) to symbolize cherry blossoms!
Summer Bento(Lunch Box)
Summer Bento(Lunch Box)
In this spaghetti bento, the center of the sunflower is created using meat sauce, and the flower petals are made by slicing up a thin omelet.
Autumn Bento(Lunch Box)
Autumn Bento(Lunch Box)
For this season of beautiful moons, I created a rabbit and moon from one boiled egg.
Winter Bento(Lunch Box)
Winter Bento(Lunch Box)
For this season I made a snowman out of mashed potatoes on a background filled with Christmas images.

A Message from Kikkoman

With the help of Kikona, we want to share our joy of food with our customers and have the next generation take interest in food and gain understanding of its importance.

A Message from Kikkoman