Kikkoman Group Social Media Policy

Kikkoman Corporation and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Kikkoman Group”) adhere to the following expectations regarding appropriate attitude and behavior when using the Kikkoman Group’s official social media accounts.

“Self-Awareness and Responsibility” When Sharing Information

  1. 1The Kikkoman Group fully understands that shared information is publicly accessible by anyone and that anything we post has no small impact. The Kikkoman Group also understands that information cannot be completely removed once uploaded, and therefore we will endeavor to post responsibly.
  2. 2When posting information, the Kikkoman Group will observe both the applicable laws and internal rules and regulations.
  3. 3By communicating through social media, the Kikkoman Group will try to build relations between Kikkoman Group employees and customers, as well as with the general public. The Kikkoman Group is also aware that it is necessary to always promote both Kikkoman Group’s brand and products in a positive manner.

When Engaging in Social Media

  1. 1The Kikkoman Group will always actively listen to each participant.
  2. 2The Kikkoman Group will be responsible when transmitting information as well as corresponding, and will not spread misinformation.
  3. 3The Kikkoman Group will give due consideration to personal information and privacy, and take the utmost care not to infringe on the rights of others, including copyrights.
  4. 4The Kikkoman Group will learn through participating in social media, and broadly share that knowledge with others in hopes of benefiting other participants and the overall community.

Guide and Request to All Customers and Users

Please be aware that any information shared by Kikkoman Group employees through social media accounts does not necessarily reflect the official opinions of the Kikkoman Group. All official announcements can be found at and through press releases.
Please be aware that all information on social media is subject to possible change after it was posted, and that submissions from customers may be occasionally quoted and reposted. Also, since methods for dialogue differ depending on the account, please refer to the List of Kikkoman Group Official Social Media Accounts for the operation of each.
Furthermore, please refer here to the Terms and Conditions of Use when using Kikkoman Group Social Media and each related service.

Please refer to the Kikkoman Group’s Privacy Policy for information regarding the handling of personal information.

Application and Revision of This Policy
  1. 1This policy was established on October 1, 2011.
  2. 2This policy was revised on June 1, 2021.