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Rice (No.2)

Continuing our series on rice, we examine how this grain historically came to dominate Japanese agriculture while transforming the country's socio-economic framework.

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food forum is Kikkoman's quarterly newsletter. Each issue features various aspects of Japanese food culture and traditions in addition to current trends. It introduces recipes for Japanese staples as well as fusion dishes and provides news about Kikkoman Corporation worldwide.

Spirit of the Seasons

Japanese seasonal foods and traditions.

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July 3, 2023

In March, Kikkoman Corporation launched its official YouTube channel, Kikkoman Global. To enhance global consumer awareness, Kikkoman Global presents an entertaining collection of brand-related content, including recipe videos using Kikkoman Soy Sauce, the story behind the iconic Kikkoman Soy Sauce tabletop dispenser, and videos featuring Kikkoman’s official brand mascot, Kikona. Through this channel, Kikkoman continues to support good health and overall fulfillment for as many people as possible around the world by creating delicious memories through the joys of food...