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JFC International Inc. Relocates Head Office

JFC International Inc. Relocates Head Office

This April, JFC International Inc. relocated its head office from San Francisco to Los Angeles. JFC’s current warehouse in Los Angeles will be relocated this summer to a new site located within the new head office facilities.

The relocation of its head office to Los Angeles will provide JFC with more immediate access to market information in southern California, a region that is leading the increased demand in the U.S. market for Japanese food. This will enable the company to integrate relevant market information into its strategic business plans on a timely basis. Many JFC customers are based in the Los Angeles area, and this relocation will also open up opportunities to further enhance and strengthen communication ties with them.

Los Angeles is currently JFC’s largest distribution base. By relocating to a new and larger warehouse, JFC seeks to further strengthen its distribution functions. The new and expanded warehouse comprises 200,000 square feet and is equipped with a number of enhanced functions, including four separate, specialized temperature zones: normal, refrigeration, freezing and ultra-low.

These distinctive zones have been designed to improve product quality control. A new inventory management system will also be implemented in order to enhance operation efficiency, space efficiency and to strengthen traceability functions.

With the relocation of both head office and warehouse, JFC will endeavor to meet market demand while addressing a variety of customer needs.