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Kikkoman to Distribute Soy Sauce in North China

President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods Co., Ltd., a joint venture founded by Kikkoman, commenced distribution of Kikkoman-brand soy sauce in mid-July, mainly targeting northern China, including Beijing and Tianjin.

The rising demand for products with high added-value is anticipated in future seasoning markets such as soy sauce and vinegar, as the Chinese economy continues to grow. President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods will serve as the location for manufacturing and sales for comprehensive entry into the Beijing and Tianjin markets.

Having started operations in January 1, 2009, President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by three entities: Kikkoman Corporation, Taiwanese Uni-President Enterprises Corp. and the Chinese government-owned Shijiazhuang Zhenji Brewing Group Co., Ltd. The joint venture corporation has approximately 1,000 employees and three production centers which boast 100,000 kiloliters in total production, including Japanese-style soy sauce (naturally brewed), Chinese-style soy sauce, brewed vinegar and cooking wine (cooking sake).

This July, the company commenced sales of soy sauce manufactured at its Zhao Country plant. Two Kikkoman-brand products are to be launched: “Chun niang zao” and “Xian run.” Chun niang zao is an all-purpose, high quality naturally brewed soy sauce free of chemical seasonings, preservatives and artificial colors--the very same product that Kikkoman sells worldwide, and one with a reputation for safety, security and delicious taste. Xian run is a naturally brewed soy sauce based on Chun niang zao with added sweetness and umami to meet local consumer preferences.

Kikkoman aims to penetrate this market with a two-pronged approach: by offering the taste which is a global standard; and by offering a taste that meets local needs. In addition, the company has produced and sold soy sauce intended for commercial processing since August. President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods will also focus on capitalizing on the Beijing and Tianjin markets with its Zhenji brand products such as soy sauce and vinegar.

Grand Opening Gala

A grand opening ceremony was held at President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods Co., Ltd. on June 25. The ceremony was attended by approximately 400 guests, including those connected to the Hebei and Shijiazhuang governments as well as the Japanese embassy, clients, business partners and journalists.

Mitsuo Someya, president and COO of Kikkoman Corporation, declared that President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods would run its fundamental business principles focusing on the consumer while providing high quality, safe and reliable products and contributing to communities. His speech was received with great enthusiasm by the guests. The government-related guests expressed their welcome to Hebei and their hopes to support future project operations in anticipation of the success of the joint venture.

The establishment of President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods marks a huge step forward in the future development of north China markets. Its gala introduction during a series of events at the ceremony contributed to enhancing its local presence, while garnering enthusiastic support from the local community.