Corporate / Management

Kikkoman Group Shifts to Holding Company Structure

As of October 2009, the Kikkoman Group has shifted to a holding company management structure.

In April 2008, Kikkoman announced its Global Vision 2020, the group’s aims for further growth toward 2020. To realize this vision, each of the Kikkoman companies will strengthen its capacity to create value under the group management strategy as drafted by the holding company, and establish a management system that maximizes the corporate value of the entire group.

Kikkoman Corporation will assume the role of holding company in order to create group strategies and to control management of its three companies: Kikkoman Food Products Company, which manufactures and distributes food products; Kikkoman Beverage Company, which conducts the beverage business; and Kikkoman Business Service Company, whose responsibilities include accounting and personnel.

Each company, working under group management strategy and under its own authority and responsibility, takes on a specialized role in offering valuable products and services.

Employees in their respective companies will strive to realize Kikkoman’s Promise, “To fill the world with the joys of food by delivering wholehearted flavor,” and integrate it into their personal work commitments.