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Expo 2010 Shanghai China Opens

Expo 2010 Shanghai China began on May 1, 2010, where Kikkoman Corporation opened its Japanese Restaurant "紫 MURASAKI" , as well as a booth themed "Seasoning Your Life."

Restaurant "紫 MURASAKI" is located on the first floor of the Japan Industry Pavilion, and introduces Japanese food culture via authentic Japanese cuisine, as prepared by chefs from renowned restaurants in Kyoto. The thoughtful and creative menu combines select seasonal ingredients and masterful culinary skills—with an emphasis on soy sauce. The course meal of eleven dishes comprises a balanced mix of vegetables, fish and meat designed to offer eating pleasure to all Expo visitors.

Restaurant "紫 MURASAKI" represents the synergized efforts of three Kyoto restaurants, collaborating here for the first time on the global stage to introduce Japanese food culture—a difficult feat even in Japan. By offering innovative food while upholding Japanese culinary tradition, "紫 MURASAKI" is a dream-restaurant created in the global spirit of Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

On the second floor of the Japan Industry Pavilion is the Kikkoman booth which features the theme "Seasoning Your Life." This theme embodies Kikkoman's wish to bring smiles to tables around the world.

Upon entering the exhibit space, visitors first notice that the restaurant's neo-Japanese garden on the first floor is visible, while an iron-work sculpture titled Dining Table seems to float overhead. Three big-screen video monitors run footage that underscores the concept of "a roomful of smiles": children's smiles express how delicious a variety of meals around the world can taste with Kikkoman Soy Sauce.

The custom of families eating together is universal, and Kikkoman believes that, by providing products that bring out heart-warming flavors in food, people around the world will enjoy preparing delicious home-cooked meals and thus create a family table full of smiles.

In upcoming Expo events, Kikkoman will host Kikkoman Week from September 14-26, 2010 at the Japan Industry Pavilion's JAL Stage. During this week, Kikkoman will hold a variety of events designed to acquaint visitors with the role of Kikkoman Soy Sauce in Japanese food culture.