Food Education

Kikkoman YFU Summer Activity

Since 1978, Kikkoman has sponsored a foreign student exchange program hosted by the international exchange organization Youth for Understanding (YFU) as part of the company’s long-established social contribution activities. Four Japanese high school students are dispatched annually to the United States for one year, while some 20 high school students from the U.S. stay in Japan for one month.

Japanese students living in Chiba Prefecture, and U.S. students from Wisconsin and California—the states where Kikkoman’s plants are located—are selected. For the duration of their stay, students live with host families in order to learn about and understand each others’ cultures, while undertaking new experiences and challenges.

This summer, a YFU Kikkoman Summer Activity was held at Kikkoman’s head office in Tokyo on July 22. For 20 American students, the day’s events included an enjoyable lesson on how to make hand-rolled sushi, as well as an informative lecture titled "The Wonderful World of Soy Sauce," presented by the Kikkoman Academy, which introduced food experiences and knowledge related to soy sauce.

Kikkoman believes in the importance of developing human resources and creating opportunities for cooperation beyond cultural differences through cross-cultural experiences. The company continues its ongoing contributions to regional communities by fostering the enthusiasm of youth and supporting and expanding their personal connections with the global community.