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PKI Marks 20 Years in Taiwan

A ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of President Kikkoman, Inc. (PKI) was held on October 29, 2010 at the Dream Mall in Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second-largest city.

Following addresses given by PKI Chairman Yuzaburo Mogi and PKI Vice Chairman Lin Chang-Sheng, congratulatory words were heard from many of the guests. Over 270 attended, including Kaoru Nonaka, Director of the Kaohsiung Office of the Interchange Association, Japan. All enjoyed performance events such as sand painting and kagami-biraki, the breaking open of a sake cask with a mallet. These were followed by commemorative photographs taken of Chairman Mogi and Vice Chairman Lin with regional distributors.

This event marked PKI's first company-wide business gathering since its inception in 1990, when it first began sales of soy sauce. Everyone enjoyed sharing their varied memories and experiences from throughout the company's successful history, and renewed their resolve to contribute to PKI's further growth.

The ceremony was followed by a luncheon, where guests enjoyed entertainment by the popular Taiwanese band Remix, who performed songs in both Chinese and Japanese.

PKI began shipments of soy sauce in 1990. At that time, 80 percent of the soy sauce sold in Taiwan was chemically produced, while imported, naturally brewed Japanese soy sauce was considered expensive. Within 10 years of its establishment, however, PKI became Taiwan's leading soy sauce manufacturer, with shipments of Kikkoman Soy Sauce totaling over 10,000 kiloliters in fiscal year 2001. Today, PKI boasts a production capacity of 30,000 kiloliters of both President and Kikkoman brands combined.