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Relocation of Kikkoman's Goyogura

In 1939, Kikkoman's Goyogura was built on a site along the Edo River to produce soy sauce exclusively for the Imperial Household. Since that time, the Goyogura has continued to produce soy sauce for the last 70 years. The aging of the building, however, necessitated large-scale repairs and it was decided to restore the original structure and relocate it to a site more easily accessible to the public.

Relocation of the Goyogura has recently been completed and the renovated building will be open to the public from April 1, 2011 by advance reservation. The newly relocated Goyogura will continue to produce soy sauce for the Imperial Household, and will also assume the role of passing on the traditional techniques for brewing soy sauce, while preserving the original production equipment.

A new tour has been organized at the relocated Goyogura which allows visitors to see how moromi matures in wooden vats and observe the original equipment used for such procedures as steaming soybeans and roasting wheat, pressing moromi and heating raw soy sauce. This tour, together with the Kikkoman Soy Sauce Museum located on the same premises, will provide visitors with an opportunity to become familiar with soy sauce and its production.