Quality / R&D

Kikkoman Freshly Pressed Nama-Shoyu

In September 2010, Kikkoman began sales of freshly pressed nama-shoyu(raw soy sauce) in Japan. This unique soy sauce is sold in a special airtight container that maintains freshness for up to 90 days after opening.

Ordinarily, naturally brewed soy sauce is heated to intensify color, flavor and aroma. Freshly pressed raw soy sauce, however, is unheated; thus it is characterized by a gentle, sweet scent and taste, and has a rich clear color.

In February 2011, a second freshly pressed raw soy sauce joined Kikkoman's product line-up: this variety is made from maru-daizu (high quality soybeans) and features a delicate sweetness and rich flavor that is derived from these special soybeans.

The new container used for the raw soy sauce products was developed by Kikkoman, and adopts a non-return valve cap that permits soy sauce to pour out, but does not allow air to enter. Without exposure to air, the soy sauce can be preserved for up to 90 days after opening, and thus maintains its fresh color, flavor and aroma.

Kikkoman will continue to deliver "new tastes" such as these freshly pressed raw soy sauces.