Kikkoman Soy Milk Products

Soybeans are referred to in Japan as "meat from the fields," and are a precious source of protein. As a manufacturer of soy sauce, Kikkoman is deeply involved with soybeans, and lately has extended this involvement to include the business of making soy milk in Japan and overseas.

Soy milk has long established itself as a health drink, and as consumer awareness of its benefits grows, the market is expanding. Kikkoman has for years had its eye on the soy milk market: in 2004, the company began a capital and business alliance with the Kibun Food Chemifa Co., the leader in the Japanese soy milk market, now known as Kikkoman Soyfoods Company (SF).

By utilizing SF's soy milk technology, Kikkoman has developed a variety of soy milk and related products. In October 2009, Kikkoman Beverage Company (KB) was established, and assumed direction of the company's soy milk business.

Today's opportunities for drinking soy milk have become quite diverse: for example, the option of adding soy milk to coffee, tea or fruit juices has become common at major coffee chains. KB not only sells standard soy milk products, but offers a variety of new tastes to consumers, including flavors such as cocoa, green tea, banana and custard pudding.

KB has recently released new products called SOY PRESSO and SOY TEA, with authentic and aromatic extracts of coffee and tea that are smoothly blended with rich soy milk that offer drinking pleasure to consumers unaccustomed to soy milk. KB also produces corn and pumpkin soups made with non-dairy soy milk that are perfect accompaniments to a meal, and which introduce a different way of enjoying soy milk.

Soy milk is also recognized as a healthy product in the U.S., and Kikkoman releases soy milk products there under the PEARL brand. This brand holds organic accreditation on its soybean ingredients, as well as on final products, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, (USDA). PEARL brand soy milk products are available in six flavors: Original, Creamy Vanilla, Green Tea, Chocolate, Unsweetened and Coffee.

As this exciting soy milk product lineup proves, the Kikkoman Group is promoting healthy lifestyles through innovative products.