Corporate / Management Business

JFC International Inc. NY Branch Relocates

In August 2011, JFC International Inc. (head office: Los Angeles) a Kikkoman Group company, relocated its New York branch office to Linden, New Jersey to meet its expanding wholesale business needs in the U.S.

A new warehouse adjacent to the office building is approximately twice the size of the previous warehouse, and now serves as the U.S. east coast distribution hub. Its inventory management system, developed by JFC, provides enhanced efficiency in managing inventory, purchasing and other related activities, while upgraded tracing functions have improved customer distribution service.

Kikkoman Group has adopted "Global Vision 2020" as its objective, with specific targeted goals for the year 2020. The expansion of wholesale Asian foods is among these goals. In light of the current boom in Japanese food worldwide, the Group aims to position itself as the world's leading wholesaler of Asian foods through continued refinement of its wholesale network and distribution system, utilizing its expertise of over half a century.