Kikkoman Group Event: Kikkoman Nabe-Festival

April 1, 2015

The Kikkoman Group held its first-ever joint event, the Kikkoman Nabe-Festival, on February 22 in Tokyo. The festival helped build a sense of unity, as participating teams from Kikkoman Group companies were invited to share their original nabe hot pot dishes, while visitors voted for their favorite. The festival attracted over 650 employees and their families, who enjoyed a wide variety of delicious hot pot recipes.

Typically, companies arrange internal seasonal or sports-related activities to help motivate and foster communications within their organizations; in this case, the Kikkoman Group selected the theme of food to energize its businesses this year. Nabe is a type of home cooking very familiar to Japanese, where several people gather around a hot pot and enjoy eating together. Over 30 teams enrolled in the festival and presented hot pots based on original recipes made using products that each Group company manufactures and sells, such as soy sauce, soymilk, tomato-based products, mirin and wine. Overseas teams introduced their own culinary tastes via Japanese nabe culture, as they served up their own distinctive and creative "transborder" hot pots. To vote for their favorite, visitors received a new pencil, and placed it in a ballot box positioned in front of their preferred hot pot entry. The pencils were later donated to an organization that supports children in developing countries.

Kikkoman's corporate slogan is "seasoning your life." This sentiment reflects the company's wish to help consumers enrich their lives as they savor memories in harmony with flavorful food-related experiences. The Kikkoman Nabe-Festival aimed at creating such long-lasting memories that bring families closer together, as well as uniting the Kikkoman Group as a whole through a fun and delightful food experience.