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KFI 45th Anniversary and U.S.-Japan Food Distribution Symposium/ Wisconsin-U.S.-Japan Economic Development Conference

November 6, 2018

Operations at Kikkoman Foods,Inc. (KFI; headquartered inWalworth, Wisconsin),a Kikkoman production base in the United States, first commenced in June 1973. June 2018 marked the 45th anniversary of KFI, and two notable events were held in commemoration.
The U.S.-Japan Food Distribution Symposium, jointly sponsored by Kikkoman and the Distribution Economics Institute of Japan, and the Wisconsin-U.S.-Japan Economic Development Conference, jointly sponsored by KFI, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., were held in Fontana, Wisconsin on June 7 and 8, respectively. The theme of the U.S.-Japan Food Distribution Symposium was “Evolving Consumer Behavior and Food Retailing Strategy.” Panel discussion topics included how to comprehend changes in market and consumer behaviors owing to the rapid development of e-commerce and the expansion of new types of business, and how to react to them. Panelists comprised corporate managers and researchers from the distribution industry in Japan and the U.S. On the following day, the Wisconsin-U.S.-Japan Economic Development Conference explored the theme “Economic Perspectives for Sustainable Growth.” Its six panelists included Mr. Taichi Sakaiya, Japanese author and economic commentator, and The Honorable Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin. At a press conference held prior to the Wisconsin-U.S.-Japan Economic Development Conference, Honorary CEO and Chairman of Kikkoman Mr. Yuzaburo Mogi announced that in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of KFI, the company will make a $600,000 gift to endow scholarship funds to six area high schools near the plant. Mr. Mogi stated: “We’re delighted to be able to support deserving students in our local community as they pursue their dreams of higher education.
Kikkoman is always looking to the future and striving to set an example as a good corporate citizen. We believe part of our role is to help prepare the leaders of tomorrow by supporting education.”