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Introducing our Brand Mascot “Kikona”

September 14, 2021


At the Kikkoman Corporation in 2010, our brand mascot was born.

Reminiscent of the tabletop dispenser, she is the personification of our corporate slogan “seasoning your life”, and an advocate of memories related to food.

To determine a brand mascot name for global use that would be easy for customers worldwide to remember and become familiar with in activities carried out globally by our overseas group companies, we started reviewing potential names from 2020, and have now decided.

A “Kikona” logo has also been created

Together with her mission, a logo has also been created. The concept of this design is explained below.

Design concept:

We hope that Kikona will always be in the middle of dining tables where people are chatting with loved ones and enjoying delicious food. The design visualizes the scene of a dinner table as viewed from above. The font gives a sense of the rhythm of fun conversation. The focal point is the shape of Kikona’s red hat as seen from above.

We hope that by coming into contact with Kikona, customers will recall joyful dinner tables and go on to create new delicious memories.

Corporate Slogan

Corporate Slogan seasoning your life The corporate slogan,“seasoning your life,”contains the core message that Kikkoman “helps you savor the joys of life.”It suggests that, as Kikkoman seasons and enriches your food,it also brings fulfillment to life as a whole.