The Kikkoman General Hospital

The Kikkoman General Hospital is located in Noda City, Chiba. Since soy sauce-brewing began in Noda in the 17th century, the soy sauce business had a mutually beneficial relationship with the local community. The origin of the hospital dates back to 1862, when a clinic was founded for workers at the breweries and their families. The clinic expanded over time and was re-established as Noda Hospital in 1914 in Kami-Hanawa, Noda City. Soon after Noda Shoyu Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Kikkoman Corporation, was formed in 1917, Noda Hospital became Kikkoman’s private hospital in 1918. In 1973, Noda Hospital was renamed Kikkoman General Hospital.

In order to further contribute to the local community through providing better medical services, Kikkoman began construction of a new hospital in March 2011. Construction was completed in June 2012, and it began operating in August 2012. In addition to installing new medical devices, the new hospital re-opened the maternity department with a better environment for expecting mothers in the local community. The new hospital also has new features such as relaxation spaces and countermeasures against disasters.