Business Principles

The Kikkoman Group will shift to a holding company structure from October 1, 2009. Looking ahead to this change, we have revised our business principles based on the following three pillars:

  1. 1To pursue the fundamental principle "consumer-oriented"
  2. 2To promote the international exchange of food culture
  3. 3To become a company whose existence is meaningful to the global society

We believe that the future performance and prosperity of a company cannot be achieved without high levels of customer satisfaction. Based on this recognition, the Kikkoman Group continues to develop valuable products and services that reflect the ever-changing needs of consumers.

As a food products manufacturer, Kikkoman's fundamental mission is to produce higher quality products and services in an efficient, safe and hygienic manner. Kikkoman has a tradition of consistently upholding the highest standards of quality control, paying close attention to the quality of products, containers, and packaging at every business location and facility.

Kikkoman also promotes the international exchange of food culture by promoting Japanese food culture, primarily soy sauce, around the world. In addition to this, we hope to realize a fusion between Japanese foods and the food culture of each country around the world. In Japan, meanwhile, we intend to contribute to the continuation and development of domestic food culture.

Moreover, while contributing to society through our business activities, we intend to engage even more actively in environmental conservation and social activities in order to continue to be a model corporate citizen and coexist in harmony with society.

It is our hope that through steady, ongoing efforts to realize these initiatives, people around the world will come to appreciate and value Kikkoman.

Business Areas of the Kikkoman Group
The Kikkoman Group will pursue global operations in the following fields:

  1. 1Manufacturing and marketing food products
  2. 2Providing products and services related to food and health