Quality / R&D

Redefining Soy Sauce

April 1, 2012

In its corporate plan titled Global Vision 2020, the Kikkoman Group has developed four basic strategies whose goal is “Making Kikkoman Soy Sauce a Truly Global Seasoning.” Indeed, thanks to the company's multifaceted marketing of soy sauce to complement local tastes and food products around the world, Kikkoman Soy Sauce is already becoming known as a global seasoning.

At home in Japan, Kikkoman is creating various seasonings in response to the ever-growing diversity and simplification of the mainstream diet. These include the Uchi-no-Gohan series, an easy way to help create authentic Japanese dishes. The company has also designed innovative soy sauce containers to preserve the delicious taste of its raw soy sauce. Kikkoman's “Always fresh tabletop soy sauce bottle” is an airtight container that maintains the fresh flavor of soy sauce for up to 90 days after opening, at room temperature.

Kikkoman is also promoting the research and development of various types of soy sauce, including freeze-dried soy sauce and gelée (jelly) type soy sauce, in order to identify new potential and expanded uses that cannot be achieved with liquid soy sauce.

Among these are the oil-based Taberu-Chomiryo, or “seasoning eaten as food,” a combination of freeze-dried soy sauce flake with fried garlic and other ingredients. This versatile seasoning can accompany boiled vegetables, salads, pasta, cooked rice and many other foods as a topping or by mixing it into the dish. Its crunchy texture and appetizing aroma have the potential to make it an “addictive” seasoning.

In February 2012, Kikkoman introduced a new gelée type soy sauce with a jelly-like texture, vivid soy sauce color and mild aroma. Unlike liquid soy sauce, the gelée does not drip or soak into food ingredients, and so can be used to season only selected portions of food. It can be used as a topping or mixed into a wide range of recipes, including salads, tofu or sautéed chicken making the dish delicious as well as attractive.

Kikkoman is committed to actively stimulating domestic demand for soy sauce through advanced product development, while maintaining high quality as the manufacturer of the top soy sauce brand. Kikkoman continues to expand the possibilities for soy sauce, make proposals for dietary styles to suit the times and different cultures, and promote the notion of healthy mind and body.