Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture Establishment Prospectus

Kikkoman Corporation has established the Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture (KIIFC) as part of the commemorative events celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of our company. The purpose of the Institute is to conduct research, promote cultural and social activities, and collect and disseminate information regarding soy sauce, a fermented seasoning.

The term shoyu (soy sauce) is said to have been first used during the middle of the Muromachi period (1336-1573). Soy sauce has continued to evolve and is now considered to be a fundamental seasoning that is essential to the Japanese diet and culinary culture.

Today's soy sauce has been adopted into various cuisines around the world. It is regarded not only as a seasoning appropriate for dishes involving the use of rice and vegetables,but also as one that is capable of accenting the characteristic flavors of a variety of food ingredients. With its unique flavor and aroma, soy sauce contributes significantly to international exchanges in food culture, as well as the internationalization of Japanese cuisine.

Mankind aspires to live each moment of each day in the most meaningful manner. To address this hope of people throughout the world, the Kikkoman Institute for Food Culture intends to pursue studies from a variety of perspectives on the constantly developing culture of fermented seasoning, and soy sauce in particular, that the future will bring. The KIIFC will examine changing values in the coming 21st century in the light of the culinary cultures of Japan and other nations.

It is our desire that the activities of the Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture will contribute in a modest way to the enrichment of food culture and the well-being of all people.

The buildings of Kikkoman's Noda Headquarters harmonizenicely with the street running along the front.
Exhibition and Library Corner
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Reading corner
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Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture

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Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays including year end, New Year's, Golden Week, summer Obon holidays

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