Guiding principles drawn up in 1925

Noda Shoyu Co. Ltd. (forerunner to Kikkoman) established in Noda through merger of eight family companies

Takasago Factory today

Kansai plant (now the Takasago Factory) completed near Osaka, Japan

Goyogura after its initial opening
Goyogura as it stands today

Goyogura is built in Noda to preserve traditional techniques and continue production of soy sauce for Imperial Household

1940 "Kikkoman" adapted as single brand name nationwide
Poster declaring re-start of soy sauce exports

Export of soy sauce, which ceased due to war, resumed

Inside a supermarket in 1960's
Kikkoman advertisement from 1960's

Kikkoman International Inc. established in San Francisco for sales and marketing

Current logo design introduced in 1964

Katsunuma Yoshu Co., Ltd.(now Manns Wine Co., Ltd.) established in Japan


Partnered with Leslie Salt Company in the U.S. to start local bottling of soy sauce and manufacturing teriyaki sauce

1969 Kikkoman invests in Japan Food Corporation, a trading company and predecessor to JFC International Inc., in San Francisco