2001 Kikkoman Trading Asia Pte Ltd established in Singapore

Grand opening of Kunshan President Kikkoman Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (K-PKI) in Kunshan, Jiangsu


Grand opening of Siam Del Monte Company Limited’s factory in Trat, Thailand

2007 Commemoration of Kikkoman’s 50th anniversary in the U.S.

Kikkoman introduces new corporate brand logo and slogan

Grand opening of Del Monte Foods (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (DMX)


Grand opening of President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods Co., Ltd. (PKZ) in Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Kikkoman Food Products Company, Kikkoman Beverage Company and Kikkoman Business Service Company established with the move to a holding company structure by dividing the company

Set up booth in Japan Industry Pavilion and opened Japanese restaurant "MURASAKI" at Expo 2010 Shanghai, China.

2012 New hospital building of Kikkoman General Hospital completed
2014 Kikkoman Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd, established in Shanghai, China
Kikkoman General Hospital celebrates its 100th anniversary
2016 Become a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner in the category of "Sauces (including Soy Sauces), Vinegar, Mirin and Cooking Sake."
2017 Commemorative event held for 100th anniversary of Kikkoman’s establishment
2018 Kikkoman launches "Global Vision 2030" as the new vision of the future for the Kikkoman Group
Kikkoman R&D Center

Completion of Kikkoman R&D Center