Shokuiku Activities In Japan

Hands-On Soy Sauce-Making Program

Soy Sauce Factories at Kikkoman Food Products offer tours for elementary school students to learn and experience how soy sauce is made.

The Kikkoman Soy Sauce Seminar

Kikkoman staff visits elementary schools to teach students about food and diet as part of the The Kikkoman Soy Sauce Seminar. Schools use this program as part of their integrated study time to provide an opportunity for students to think about the importance of food and what it means to enjoy eating while simultaneously learning about the ingredients and techniques used to make soy sauce.

The Kikkoman Academy

This is a program that Kikkoman staff visits schools and other organizations to give lectures about a wide range of food related topics.

The Kikkoman Soy Milk Lecture

This is a program that Kikkoman staff visits school and other organizations on demand and give lectures about basic understandings and nutritional aspect of soy milk as well as dietary balance in general.

Del Monte Tomato School

These is a program that Kikkoman staff visits schools and provide lectures to second grade elementary students, with the purchase of tomato seedlings provided in the Del Monte Teaching Materials. The employees of Nippon Del Monte play a role as Dr. Tomato and his assistants and provide students with information about tomatoes and how to grow them.

Factory Tours To Experience The Soy Sauce Brewing Process

Kikkoman offers tours of soy sauce factories in Japan.We offered hands-on soy sauce-making programs for elementary schools and other organizations.

Website Featuring Food- And Health-Related Information

Kikkoman’s website features an extensive range of food- and health-related information, including the most recent news about our Shokuiku activities, seasonal recipes, and educational content for children.