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JAPANESE STYLE Vol. 34 No. 3 January 2021


Ingen no goma-ae, green beans with sesame dressing

The term aemono means dressed (ae) dishes. These are often made with fresh seasonal vegetables, including green beans, spinach, cucumber, daikon and yams that have been pre-prepared by cutting, boiling or frying. Sometimes sashimi or seafood may also be used. These are then dressed with a variety of seasonings that may include soy sauce, vinegar, miso, sesame seeds, tofu or grated daikon.

Aemono are referred to by the name of the dressing used—for example, goma-ae involves vegetables dressed with ground sesame seeds (goma), soy sauce and sugar; shira-ae dressing is made of tofu mashed in a mortar, mixed with parboiled vegetables seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. Other favorites are sumiso-ae dressing of vinegar, miso and sugar; bainiku-ae, umeboshi pickled Japanese apricot paste mixed with soy sauce and sugar; and karashijoyu-ae, a combination of Japanese hot mustard, soy sauce and dashi.

Mashing tofu until smooth
Mixing vegetables with shira-ae dressing
Shira-ae, vegetables dressed with creamy tofu
Vol. 34

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