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TASTY TRAVEL Vol. 29 No. 2  July 2015

Kyoto Suguki


Suguki, a kind of turnip, has for centuries been grown mainly in the Kamigamo district of Kyoto. Fermented only with salt, this turnip is made into one of Kyoto’s most famous pickles, best known for its characteristic sour taste, created by lactic acid fermentation. Suguki are harvested in early winter; after being peeled and rinsed, they are placed in a large wooden barrel and sprinkled with salt. The lid of the barrel is secured using a tembin (weight-balance), a traditional, lever-like pole hung with heavy stones at one end, whose weight helps press the barrel lid down securely. After several days, the tembin is removed and the barrel is placed for one week in a warm room called a muro; here, its contents undergo fermentation and then cool down naturally. Many enjoy suguki with rice and a drop of soy sauce.

Vol. 29

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