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TASTY TRAVEL Vol. 31 No. 4  January 2018

Fukushima Kozuyu


Kozuyu is a regional dish from Aizu, in Fukushima Prefecture. The dashi broth of this clear soup is made of dried scallop, and its ingredients include dried shiitake and cloud-ear mushrooms, carrots, satoimo taro, ito-konnyaku (konjac noodles) and wheat-gluten croutons (mamefu), seasoned with soy sauce and mirin. Situated inland, Aizu historically had limited access to fresh seafood, and so dried ingredients were used to prepare kozuyu, with the dried scallop itself prized above the other ingredients. Kozuyu is traditionally served in special Aizu lacquered bowls during the New Year and other celebrations. Normally, asking for several refills is frowned upon during auspicious occasions—but kozuyu is the tasty exception.

Vol. 31

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