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TASTY TRAVEL Vol. 35 No. 2   October 2021

Ehime Tako-meshi


Tako-meshi octopus rice is a specialty of Ehime Prefecture, which lies along the Seto Inland Sea. The rapid currents of this sea are renowned for producing abundant, delicious seafood, and octopus is no exception: it is firm and rich in umami, yet tender to eat. Tako-meshi involves bite-size pieces of octopus and other ingredients, with seasoning that includes soy sauce and sake, all steamed together with rice. Tako-meshi likely originated as a quick meal thrown together by fishermen on their boats while at sea. The port city of Matsuyama is home to tako-meshi specialty restaurants, but locals usually enjoy this easy-to-prepare dish at home. Tasty tako-meshi is popular throughout the Seto Inland Sea region, and is even served in local elementary school lunches.

Vol. 35

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