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KIKKOMAN LIVE KITCHEN TOKYO Kikkoman Opens Fusion Concept Restaurant

January 07, 2019

One of Kikkoman Corporation’s business principles is “To promote the international exchange of food culture,” and we have been actively engaging in this practice for more than half a century. As part of this ongoing initiative, the company unveiled its KIKKOMAN LIVE KITCHEN TOKYO concept restaurant in Tokyo’s Yurakucho district on November 1, 2018.

“Fusion” is the key concept at LIVE KITCHEN. In the process of expanding the global soy sauce market, Kikkoman Soy Sauce has been introduced into many diverse food cultures, generating countless new and delicious flavors; in fact, Kikkoman has always intended for people to use its soy sauce in their daily lives and fuse it with ingredients and dishes specific to their own countries and regions.

At LIVE KITCHEN, diners experience the essence of this international exchange of food culture with all five senses. “Cooking Live” events are held on a special kitchen stage, providing the opportunity to observe at first hand the expertise and manual dexterity of professional chefs. As these chefs comment on their real-time food preparations, diners can enjoy dishes while listening and learning how to enhance the unique qualities of the food itself.

Each month, two or three famous guest chefs from different genres collaborate to create new dishes that will be available only at LIVE KITCHEN. The menu changes monthly, and the restaurant occasionally holds Special Days where the guest chefs discuss recipes and demonstrate cooking techniques on the kitchen stage. The restaurant uses exceptional and distinctive food ingredients, thanks to partnerships with regional municipalities throughout Japan and Tokyo-based foreign embassies. There is also an adjoining Gift Shop and the Cafe & Bar where, if they prefer not to visit the restaurant, visitors may savor wines provided by the Kikkoman Group company, Manns Wines, as well as limited edition Japanese sake.

Kikkoman hopes that as many visitors as possible will experience this memorable “international exchange of food culture” and enjoy a new world of delicious flavors that can be found only at KIKKOMAN LIVE KITCHEN TOKYO.

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