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Vol. 28 No. 4  Janualy 2015




This traditional recipe refers to an old name for northern Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu. Unlike typical simmered dishes, the ingredients in Chikuzen-ni—literally, “a simmered dish from Chikuzen”—are sautéed prior to simmering in dashi stock.


Dried shiitakeDried shiitake
Serves 4-5

260 kcal  Protein 11.6 g  Fat 12.3 g (per person)

  • 4 dried shiitake mushrooms*
  • 1 boneless chicken thigh, 250 g / 9 oz.
  • 2 t Kikkoman Soy Sauce
  • 2 t sake
  • Burdock root 100 g / 3.5 oz.
  • Lotus root 150 g / 5 oz.
  • Carrot 100 g / 3.5 oz.
  • 1 block of konjac, 200 g / 7 oz.
  • 6 snow peas
  • 1T vegetable oil
  • 480 + 120 ml / 2 + 1/2 C dashi stock
  • 3 T granulated sugar
  • 4 T Kikkoman Soy Sauce
  • 2 T sake
  • 2 T Kikkoman Manjo Mirin


  1. Several hours prior to cooking, soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water and then drain, cut off stems and cut into halves.
  2. Remove fat from chicken and cut into bite sizes. Marinate in 2 t soy sauce and 2 t sake for 10 minutes. 
  3. Scrape off outer skin of the burdock root using the blunt edge of a knife; peel the lotus root and the carrot. Cut each of the vegetables into chunks. Then soak the burdock and lotus in separate bowls of water for 10 minutes.
  4. Cut the konjac into 8 mm- / 0.3 in.- thick slices, then make a slit down the center of each slice (photo 1). Insert one end of the konjac into its center cut (photo 2) to make the classic tazuna-konnyaku** twist (photo 3). Parboil the konjac and then drain. String the peas and parboil with a pinch of salt, then set aside.
  5. Heat vegetable oil in a pot over medium heat, and sauté the marinated chicken until it turns slightly white; add the drained burdock and lotus, carrot, konjac and shiitake. Cook together until all are coated with oil.
  6. Add 2 C dashi stock to the pot and bring to a boil, then return to medium heat. Skim foam from the top, cover with a drop-lid or parchment paper and simmer for 10 minutes. If dashi becomes dramatically reduced, add another 1/2 C dashi.
  7. Add granulated sugar and cover again to simmer for 3 minutes. Add soy sauce and sake, cover and simmer until broth is reduced to one-third. Add the mirin and stir a few times while simmering to make sure the ingredients are coated completely.
  8. Serve garnished with snow peas in a bowl.

* Japan has many varieties of dried shiitake mushrooms; of these, the fleshy-capped donko are the highest quality.
** This is a traditional decorative twist in Japanese cuisine. The literal meaning of tazuna is “reins.”

Recipe by Kikkoman Corporation

1 C (U.S. cup) = approx. 240 ml; 1 T = 15 ml; 1 t = 5 ml