Strict Production Control

To ensure the production of safe and high-quality products, Kikkoman has FSSC 22000 certification for all of its factories in Japan.Kikkoman factories worldwide have been working on acquiring food safety related certifications such as HACCP, and implementing GFSI recognized schemes.

  • *HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)

Monitoring Quality Control

In order to provide customers with safe and high-quality products, each Kikkoman factory has established quality control systems based on local regulations and standards in order to monitor quality control measures. Controls at our production facilities in Japan and other world-wide locations include regular evaluations of food hygiene standards and equipment inspections. In addition, evaluations are carried out by expert inspectors from Japan in order to maintain the same stringent quality standards for all Kikkoman products sold around the world.

Soy Sauce Production Line at the Noda Factory

Hygiene control and measures for the prevention of contamination

We employ strict hygiene control procedures that must be followed when entering our bottling facilities for soy sauce and other products. These include washing and disinfection of the hands, use of specialized hats and uniforms, the wearing of masks, and using air showers to remove dust. To further prevent contamination of our products by foreign objects, the upper section of the uniform used inside our factories does not have pockets. We also do not allow staples, clips, and other small metal objects to be carried into our production areas.

To prevent contamination, our bottling area has double doors that cannot be opened at the same time. An air shower between the doors removes any dust and dirt that might become a source of contamination, thus making the bottling area a cleanroom.

The soy sauce bottles are thoroughly washed inside the clean room before they are filled. To prevent any possible contamination, this process is fully automated.

The soy sauce bottling line is situated inside a cleanroom and fully automated to ensure the bottling process is carried out hygienically.

  • *The soy sauce bottled at the factory in Noda, Japan is mainly for the Japanese domestic market, but is also exported to overseas markets.