Basic Approach

Stakeholders refer to groups that have a relationship with the company and affect or are affected by the activities that the company carries out. The Kikkoman Group makes efforts to fulfill responsibilities to stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and investors, suppliers, and local communities.


In addition to providing safe, reliable and high-quality products, we utilize feedback from customers in our initiatives to improve customer satisfaction.


The Group respects the diversity of employees and supporting their capacity-building as well as creating safe, comfortable workplaces. We also build labor-management relations based on mutual trust and respect.

Shareholders and investors

In addition to enhancing transparency in management through timely and appropriate disclosure of information, we strive to secure profit through sustainable growth and distribute profits appropriately.


We strive to observe fair business practices and develop good working partnerships with suppliers though communication.

Local communities

We carry out activities to contribute to local communities in the fields of “food and health.” These activities include community-based charity programs and efforts to uphold and develop traditional food cultures.

Cooperation with External Organizations

The Kikkoman Group partners with external organizations, such as NGOs (non-governmental organizations) with special expertise, to conduct social activities. These activities are aimed at solving social challenges that the Group alone cannot achieve. In Japan, we work with non-government and non-profit organizations on a range of projects including recovery efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake and food banks. Overseas, the Group companies support activities such as a water quality improvement project in the Netherlands. We also support food bank organizations in the United States.

Global Compact Network Japan

Kikkoman Corp. has been participating as a member of the Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ), which is the local network in Japan for the United Nations Global Compact. Kikkoman Corp. takes part as a member of one of the steering committees.