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JAPANESE STYLE Vol. 31 No. 2 July 2017

Japanese Hotel Breakfast Buffets

Japanese-style breakfast choices: a tempting buffet.
Courtesy of Hotel JAL City Sendai

The Japanese might categorize a typical breakfast as either Japanese-style or Western-style.

In Japan, many hotels serve both Japanese and Western dishes for breakfast, and even those who may not necessarily eat a Japanese breakfast at home may choose to do so when at a hotel.

Often, hotels serve buffet-style breakfasts, where popular Japanese offerings include rice, miso soup, grilled fish, kimpira-gobo sautéed burdock root and carrot, hijiki-no-nimono simmered sea vegetable, tofu, natto fermented soybeans, pickles, nori and soft-boiled eggs. Accompanied by rice and miso soup, people enjoy creating a personal Japanese-style breakfast from this tempting variety of side dishes.

Vol. 31

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