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Savoring the Delights of Food at Home

October 01, 2020

Wild Salmon Bowl with Soba Noodles
Farfalle with Paprika-cream Sauce and Basil Oil
Baked Avocados and Tomatoes with
Soy Sauce-flavored Breadcrumbs

In 2020, people around the world are experiencing drastic changes in their daily lives. More are staying at home than ever before because of restrictions on activities and travel. To make these lengthy hours at home more enjoyable and meaningful, many are turning to home-cooking and expanding their cooking skills. Even for regular restaurant-goers, home-cooking has been opening up menus of delicious possibilities.

Kikkoman supplies soy sauce to over one hundred countries around the globe. Soy sauce is a complement not only to Japanese cuisine; because it is such a distinctive and unique seasoning, soy sauce enhances a wide range of the world’s varied ingredients and dishes. This is why Kikkoman has long been dedicated to creating new delicious experiences through the versatility of soy sauce. Ever since our first arrival in the US market nearly seventy years ago, we have included recipes with all
Kikkoman products, including soy sauce, as we believe it is important to help everyone appreciate how adaptable Kikkoman Soy Sauce is when preparing day-to-day meals. Now, during these especially challenging times, Kikkoman Group companies are sharing recipe ideas through social media with the global community, to show how Kikkoman Soy Sauce not only complements regional ingredients and recipes, but how it can inspire exciting new dishes and flavors.

Kikkoman believes that cooking and eating together with family, and sharing these experiences with friends on social media, helps everyone relax while adding special meaning to our time spent at home. For now, we welcome this time to reflect and take this exceptional opportunity to be grateful, not only for our food, but for each other.

The Kikkoman Group is dedicated to sharing original ideas about how soy sauce can enhance foods from many different countries. Though we cannot travel easily at this time, we are able to create myriad possibilities of taste and enjoyment in the warmth of our own homes.

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